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Many Black parents have reported disappointment at the lack of lessons about authentic and accurate African American history and culture in their children’s schools. Now there's a solution that you can use at home: Reading Revolution Online!

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What is Reading Revolution?


Many school districts are struggling with low reading achievement and learning loss among their students.  This has only been exacerbated as a result of the pandemic.  But there is a solution!


Reading Revolution Online is an instructional support tool that teachers and parents can use with students to dramatically increase  reading comprehension, writing skills, vocabulary development, cultural competence and character development.

Reading Revolution Online is great for:

⭐ In-class instruction

⭐ Interdisciplinary instruction

⭐ Tutoring or Enrichment Programs

⭐ After-school Programs

Reading Revolution Online includes: 

  • 90 Reading Selections
  • 90 Captioned Videos of the Reading Selection
  • 90 Short Cycle Assessments
  • 90 Vocabulary Activities
  • 90 Writing Revolution Prompts
  • 90 Grammar Reviews
  • 90 Writing Revolution Journaling Prompts

These are just a few of the Heroes and Sheroes you and your young scholars will learn about…

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